BYRAM Group is interested in viable construction and commercial projects which require the ncessary funding. These projects are normally accompanied with private gurantees and government resources backing.

BYRAM Group being involved with various governmental bodies around the world and in discharging its obligations to provide the necessary Project Funding would secure the necessary global trading commodities as payments by various countries in which BYRAM Group will undertake the downstream trading activities profitably as a repayment for the project funding.

BYRAM Group, because of its commitments with its financial associates, is in a unique position to invest further into other Profitable activities.


  • Agriculture Technology                           | Byram Agro Melioration                               

  • Automobile Projects

  • Aviation Projects

  • Advance Cosmetic Technology

  • General Commodities Trading

  • Hospital & Healthcare Projects

  • Hotels & Hospitality Projects

  • Innovative Lifestyle Projects

  • Natural & Alternative Medicines

  • Project Investment & Consultancy

  • Petroleum Products & Services

  • Real Estate Projects

  • Solar & Green Power Projects

  • IT & Telecommunication Projects

  • Tree Plantation Projects